Texas Family Attorneys’ Partnership with Keller Independent School District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Texas Family Attorneys’ Partnership with the Keller Independent School District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department: Assisting high school senior students in preparing for their chosen career field.

Texas Family Attorneys of the Law Office of Dana L. White, PLLC is happy to announce its partnership with the Keller Independent School District’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department, as well as the addition of our new high school intern, Madelyn Jordan, who aspires to be a future family lawyer! For our part, through planned learning objectives, mentorship, and assessment, we hope to help Madelyn acquire “real world” experiences that will assist her one day in her chosen profession.

Madelyn recently had the opportunity to accompany our attorney, Trevor Cantrell, to Tarrant County’s 231st Court, wherein Judge Jesse Nevarez kindly indulged our intern Madelyn by taking his time from his busy schedule to talk to her about her chosen profession, showing her around the court, and then actually allowing her to wear his robe and sit in his seat with the gavel as ‘judge.’ Judge Jesse is running for re-election in the Republican primary of 2022. If you wish to support him, please see this link: https://www.judgejesse.com/join-the-team

Madelyn Jordan, high school intern, sitting as a judge Madelyn Jordan sitting behind the judge bench

Trevor was a bit envious of the attention granted to Madelyn but also incredibly pleased that Judge Nevarez devoted his valuable time to make her feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you, Judge Jesse Nevarez! Facebook Page of Judge Jesse Nevarez You are the best!

Madelyn, high school intern, holding a gavel

If your firm/office wants to enter into a partnership with KISD/CTE and hire a high school student intern, please visit https://common.kellerisd.net/cte to discover wonderful opportunities. This worthy program enhances the student’s education and adds value and benefits to the employer.

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