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You will find a warm and welcoming environment with a friendly legal team ready to greet you and help you through your family law crisis with dignity and grace. We know that you may be going through a difficult time, and our job is to ease that transition for you while constantly looking out for the best interests of you and your children.

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Family Lawyer: “Living Magazine” Readers Vote Law Office of Dana L. White as “Best Attorney” for 2020

Family Lawyer in Southlake, Texas Law Office of Dana L. White – Best Attorney for 2020 – Living Magazine Law Office of Dana L. White – Best of Winner for 2020 Family Lawyer in Southlake, TX By Melissa Gautier Dana White, lead attorney and owner of her private law practice, seeks to build long-lasting, trusted […]

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Trusts 101 – Estate Planning With Trusts/Protecting What Matters Most: An Overview of Trusts

Protecting What Matters Most: An Overview of Trusts: The concept of “trusts” triggers a lot of confusion with many of our clients, so we want to provide a bit of clarity by presenting a general overview of trusts. So, what is a trust? Basically, a trust serves as a contract between the grantor (you), the […]

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Estate Planning 101 (Relationships & Finances 3/8)

Meet Sophie. Sophie has been working at Corporate Co. for the past six years. Sophies happy, and thinks she has everything she needs: a great job, a loving husband, and an adorable puppy named Luke. However, unbeknownst to Sophie, she’s actually missing one thing: an estate plan. Sophie is stunned. What on earth is an […]

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How understanding divorce can help your marriage

Until death do us part. When we get married, we hope for the best in building a life together, and perhaps a family. Yet, as a friend of mine once said, “Do not leave soiled socks all over the house.”  We may not always consider all of our hopes, but one that we should always […]

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