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You will find a warm and welcoming environment with a friendly legal team ready to greet you and help you through your family law crisis with dignity and grace. We know that you may be going through a difficult time, and our job is to ease that transition for you while constantly looking out for the best interests of you and your children.

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How have Texas Courts adapted under COVID-19?

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy!  As our community struggles to navigate and adapt to a ‘new normal,’ we are learning that we are resilient and that we ultimately can adapt.  But, how have Texas Courts adapted under this ‘new normal’ under COVID-19? How have we adapted under […]

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4 Beneficial Reasons to Journal

If you are in process of divorce or other family trauma involving loss, you undoubtedly are facing a new season of countless ‘first’ experiences.  As an office of family attorneys, we counsel clients who communicate intense anxiety as they contemplate moving forward towards those ‘firsts,’ considering an existence without their familiar surroundings & routines.  If […]

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Free Consultation for Wills/Estates Through August 2020!

Free Consultations for Wills/Estate Planning —Supporting Our Community: Helping Protect What Matters Most  — Through the month of August, the Law Office of Dana L. White is offering free consultations for those who need Wills/testamentary documents. Call now to set an appointment for your online Zoom consultation at (817)917-8121. Please mention you saw this on […]

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