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How Understanding Divorce Can Help Your Marriage

Until death do us part. When we get married, we hope for the best in building a life together, and perhaps a family. Yet, as a friend of mine once said, “Do not leave soiled socks all over the house.”  We may not always consider all of our hopes, but one that we should always […]

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How Have Texas Courts Adapted under COVID-19?

We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy!  As our community struggles to navigate and adapt to a ‘new normal,’ we are learning that we are resilient and that we ultimately can adapt.  But, how have Texas Courts adapted under this ‘new normal’ under COVID-19? How have we adapted under […]

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4 Beneficial Reasons to Journal

If you are in process of divorce or other family trauma involving loss, you undoubtedly are facing a new season of countless ‘first’ experiences.  As an office of family attorneys, we counsel clients who communicate intense anxiety as they contemplate moving forward towards those ‘firsts,’ considering an existence without their familiar surroundings & routines.  If […]

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