Employment Law

Employment Law

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, harassed or discriminated against in the workplace, we will protect your rights.

Wrongful Termination and Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination takes many forms.  Sometimes it’s sexual harassment or race discrimination.  It can be age discrimination, or discrimination based on religion or national origin.  Women who do the same work as men are protected by equal pay laws, and women have certain rights when they are pregnant.  Workers with disabilities also have rights, as do workers who must take time off for illness, or to care for a family member.

Workers sometimes suffer retaliation because they exercised their rights under the law.  If you make a claim of discrimination, you have the right to be free from retaliation by your employer.  If you exercise your right to file a claim for worker’s compensation, your employer cannot take action against you.  And, if you blow the whistle on the illegal conduct of your employer, you should be protected.


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Do You Have a Case?

If you believe you have been the victim of discrimination because of your age, race, gender, religion, or national origin, or treated differently because of a disability or illness, or retaliated against because you exercised your rights under the law, contact our firm for an appointment.

Preparing for Your Legal Appointment

Please print out the intake sheet below, complete it and bring it with you to your consultation. If you do not have your intake sheet with you when you come for your appointment, please plan to be at least 20 minutes early to your appointment.


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